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  • The highest standards of education, including clear goals and expectations for cadets achievement, should guide classroom activities and curriculum development.
  • Allocation of resources (human and fiscal) shall be aligned with the vision and the school's continuous process of improvement.
  • All cadets can and should be challenged to learn.
  • Academic and Sports achievements form the cornerstone of our school.
  • Each cadets should be treated respectfully as a valued individual.
  • Each cadets should be encouraged to seek continuous self improvement.
  • Daily Routine, paying respect to the flag, and wearing of uniforms by cadets, faculty, and staff throughout the school day provide an effective atmosphere for discipline and learning on our campus.
  • Parental involvement is essential to the learning process and complements the efforts of educators and community members in our shared responsibility to provide a successful learning environment.
  • Providing unique classes (e.g., fencing, self defense, weight-lifting, aviation, sailing, equitation, etc.)
  • within the school day is an incentive for cadets to attend school and to enjoy the experience while developing diverse lifetime skills.
  • CMA is preparing cadets for their future. The curriculum will reflect the dynamic and expansive scope of knowledge of today's changing world. 
  • Cadets and teachers should be provided access to the technology necessary to achieve academic goals and acquire the skills critical to succeed in today's global economy. 
  • Volunteer service and knowledge of civic duties and responsibilities instill good citizenship and should be an academic component of the Academy. 
  • Cultural diversity and tolerance toward the ideas and beliefs of others are cornerstones of Indian democracy and should be modeled by teachers, staff, administrators, and students. 
  • Establishing clearly defined rules, with structure and discipline in the classroom, provides the best learning environment for cadets.
  • A variety of instructional techniques employed in every classroom will support the different ways in which individuals learn. 
  • Cadets will be provided assessment tools that fairly offer each the opportunity to demonstrate success in learning.
  • Cadets should strive to bring honour to themselves, their families, their community, and the Nation.

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