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I was filled with an enormous sense of elation when I saw the offering in the CM A (Confluence            Military Academy).  Children need bountiful love and an amicable environment for the balanced    development of body, mind and soul, which equip them with confidence to cope with the various challenges  in life. They are highly malleable, hence  vulnerable to the external contact which makes it extremely   essential to expose them to the right kind of  environment. We at CMA instill the precise knowledge in a    safe and supportive atmosphere filled with love and care. In accord with our ethics, we try to infuse  undulating values and culture which strengthens the child in assuming greater responsibilities.      Undoubtedly, with such a short span of time our endeavor has paved the school to a homely abode, where   each cadet takes pride in being part of it. 

Each child has a unique personality trait that remains throughout life. We prioritize our efforts to understand the child and delicately handle the individual basic psychological need to ensure a joyful learning. Through a well - equipped development appropriate material and innovative classroom, culture, distinct strength,   specific areas of interest and the natural gifts of the tender minds are identified and cultivated to ameliorate their talents to its highest capacity.

Being the Vice Principal of the Academy, it becomes my moral responsibility to ensure utmost care to nurture the children after careful mapping out strategies in consultation with Directors, Principal , Teachers, Parents, attitudinal assessments and gauging the rubrics. The Child's self esteem is heightened through regular meaningful interactions to develop pro-social attitudes and character development.

I am working on the ethos of "Being the Best or Different from the Rest"

Vice Principal
Ph D, MA. (Gold Medalist), B Ed
Phone: +91 9437630139
Email: cmilschool@gmail.com

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