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General Rules and Regulations

The u/m rules and regulations have been framed by the school authorities to ensure that the academics and other training routines are conducted smoothly and the discipline, safety and security of the cadets can be maintained. These rules can be revised from time to time. We invite full cooperation of the parents for their implementation. These are :

  • Cadets are not allowed to carry any money, electronic gadgets etc. unless specifically permitted by the school authorities for special occasions.
  • Cadets are not allowed to wear any other clothing other than the approved lists (specified in the prospectus).
  • Cadets must bring all items in the approved list of clothing.
  • Coloring of hair, use of gel, weird hairstyle, wearing of ear rings is strictly prohibited.
  • All the belongings of the cadet must be marked with indelible ink showing his Cadet Number.
  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted to leave eatables with their wards.
  • Reasonable precautions are taken during training activities to avoid injuries and accidents.However, the school authorities shall not be responsible for any accidents/injuries sustained by cadets during training or any organized activity outside school. Parents/Guardians shall be responsible for medical expenses.
  • Leaving school campus without permission shall be treated as INDISCIPLINE and is viewed seriously. In such cases, the school authorities will not be responsible for safety and security of the cadet once he leaves the campus. The moment his absence is noticed, a police report will be filed. We request Parents/Guardians to brief their wards clearly in this regard.  
  • The school authorities reserve the right to amend any of the rules in the prospectus and revise the fees and other charges without any notice. This will be final and binding for all i.e. existing  and new cadets and parents and guardians alike. 
  • Cadets joining school for the first time and reporting after vacations are expected to take proper haircut before admission to residential section. Cadets without proper haircut will not be permitted admission. 
  • Parents are advised to approach Chairman of the school committee for any dispute between them and the school authorities. 
  • All legal disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Durg courts.
  • It is presumed that Parents/Guardians have read and familiarized themselves with the Rules and Regulations in this prospectus, including amendments.


Note :-
Parents must inform about their latest address, residential telephone number / cell number and email Id to enable the school authorities to establish immediate contact, in case of any emergency. 

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