Admission » Co- operation of Parents

                                                                                              Co- operation of Parents

• Parents/guardians are requested to co-operate with the school for smooth functioning by observing the following:
• Prompt acknowledgment of all School communication regarding fees, progress reports etc. & compliance with the
instructions contained in various circulars & letters. Avoid request for leave for your child/ward during the term.
• Ensure that your child/ward is properly equipped with required kit and clothing and other necessities.
• Cadets/Students should rejoin School on due date after each vacation & break.
The cadets are not allowed to keep any valuables with them, such as, expensive wrist watches, gold rings and
gadgets such as mobiles, laptops, camera, pen drives, ATM cards etc. The school will not be responsible for the loss
of any such article if kept in the House. Cadets will not be allowed to keep any cash also, if found it will be
• In case of illness, if the presence of a parent or guardian is required, you shall be informed by the School which you
should promptly respond.
• In all correspondence, the child's/ward's School No, name, house and class should be mentioned.
Parents /guardians can meet their ward only with a prior permission from the respective House Master/ Duty
Officer, Vice Principal and Principal, Parents to sign and submit Indemnity Bond on Rs. 10/- stamp paper attested
by the notary at the time of admission.
• Allowed to visit their Ward on Sunday/ Holiday from 0900-1800 hrs. Visit on other day are not permitted but on
exigencies may be allowed with due permission of authority.
• Parents /Guardian entry to hostel/houses is strictly prohibited. Parents are requested NOT to bring eatables for
their children without prior permission from the authority as it has an adverse effect on other children.
Parents may however authorize any other person to collect their child but an instruction to this effect must be given
in writing to the school office before hand. The signature of the person authorized should be duly attested by the
parents/guardians otherwise the child will not be handed over.
All the belongings of the cadet must be marked with indelible ink showing his Cadet Number.
• Reasonable precautions are taken during training activities to avoid injuries and accidents. However, the school
authorities shall not be responsible for any accidents/injuries sustained by cadets during training or any organized
activity outside school. Parents/Guardians shall be responsible for medical expenses.
• The school authorities reserve the right to amend any of the rules in the prospectus and revise the fees and other
charges with prior notice to the parents/legal guardian. This will be final and binding for all i.e. existing and new
cadets and parents and guardians alike.
• Cadets joining school for the first time and reporting after vacations are expected to take proper haircut before
admission to residential section. Cadets without proper haircut will not be permitted admission.
• All documentation transfer certificate, medical fitness certificate with record of vaccination, acceptance letter of
rules and fees, consent to stay at hostel by cadet and indemnity bond by parents are mandatory for confirmation of


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